A new visual identity for Sam Jones

Sam Jones

My friend (and roommate) Sam asked me to help him make a website and also a logo to help him manage his shows and have a clear way to communicate with his fans and potential clients. Since I was doing this for free and he needed something super easy we simply went with a one page wordpress site and blog. It’s available at SamJones.ca for anyone wanting to take a quick peek.

The best part for me was creating a visual identity to go along with it. I wanted something unique and easily recognizable which would allow him to distinguish himself. I ended up integrating his face into the logo and making his looks part of his visual identity. He wanted something modern while incorporating a (custom) font which gives it a blues/rock vibe.

I think it turned out great and the response so far has been amazing with lots of positive comments. As far as working for free goes, this is as good as it gets.

Since I’m a huge VR geek, we’ve also been discussing making a 360° jam session with his band. It’s super easy to share nowadays with the recent Facebook and Youtube 360 video capabilities (Facebook even integrates with my GearVR!).