Fitness Challenge v2017.9

Transformation Front

I’m starting a new fitness challenge today as a late continuation of my efforts from last year. I participated in the Reddit BTFC challenge and managed to lose 28 lbs in the span of three months.

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New job @ Coveo!


After a lengthy interview process, I’ve landed a job at Coveo! From applying to getting the job, the process took a little less than a month.

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C**3 (Coveo Coding Challenge)

I’m at (what seems to be) the last step of the interview process at Coveo. The order was Phone interview –> Live interview with logic puzzles –> Personality + Aptitude tests –> Coding Challenge. I have to say I’ve never enjoyed an interview process quite as much as this one. Although it’s long and quite extensive, it does feel like both sides benefit by finding the right fit.

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   Coding, Coveo, Python, Java, S3, AWS

Learning Jenkins

I recently applied for a job at Coveo who offer entreprise search solutions. Doing a bit of research I was surprised to see that some of the founders had backgrounds at Copernic. My mind was really blown though when I realized that Copernic was actually founded in Quebec!

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   Jenkins, Coveo, CI, Automation

A new visual identity for Sam Jones

Sam Jones

My friend (and roommate) Sam asked me to help him make a website and also a logo to help him manage his shows and have a clear way to communicate with his fans and potential clients. Since I was doing this for free and he needed something super easy we simply went with a one page wordpress site and blog. It’s available at for anyone wanting to take a quick peek.

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Hugo + AWS

I’ve finally switched over from my old site (useless, albeit gorgeous, one page cv site) to this new blog. Being a bit obsessive about picking the right tool for the job, it took longer than expected before settling for something that I’d love to use on a daily basis.

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